2018-11-16 "Surprise AMA 11/16/2018"
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    Is Plutus going to have dependent types like Idris, ADGA, or COQ, that is a really good question. The closest I think will come to that is probably refinement types. If you're familiar with Liquid Haskell, you should look that up, and those ought to be sufficient for most verification work that you want to do. We could do dependent types, but then it begs the question of. Would it just simply make more sense to write an Idris to Plutus compiler? And then you could just simply write things in Idris. You know, and then you could reuse that ecosystem. But we find that types are certainly something we're interested in. IOHK is going to start investing money into liquid Haskell and making sure that that ecosystem becomes much more prevalent. We're also going to start investing money into GHCJS.